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Handmade Felt Portraits of Cats and Dogs Offering Unique Gifts and Home Decorations

pets portraits created with wool felt

3d felting crafts amaze and delight, allowing to recycle and create fabulous artworks, unique gifts and home decorations. Lushome presents fantastic handmade felt portraits of cats and dogs that are inspiring, original and impressive. It is possible to make out of felt lots of home decorations, cute pets portraits and funny toys that make very special and unique gifts. Artist…

Creative Pet Design Ideas to Recycle and Make Chew Toys for Rodents

handmade chew toys and wood crafts to make wooden toys for rodents

Creative design ideas add fun to cages for rodents and help recycle wood, rope and fabric pieces. Making toys for pets is a great hobby that offers simple DIY craft projects for kids and adults, – for all who want to create truly playful environment for their tiny pets. Rodents need to move and chew. Simple, made of recycled natural…

Creative Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Chalk

black chalkboard paint and white drawings for modern wall decoration

Here is a collection of creative bedroom decorating ideas in black and white colors. Black paint and white bedding sets create strong color contrasts that harmonize bedroom decor and make rooms look unusual and unique. Creative accent wall design ideas add interest and an artistic touch to black and white bedroom decorating. Modern bedroom decor in black and white feels…

33 Walk In Closet Design Ideas to Find Solace in Master Bedroom

bedroom designs with walk in closets and closet organizing tips

Lushome shares a collection of closet designs to organize your master bedroom, bring comfort and luxury into your home. There are few things more luxurious, attractive and stylish than a walk in closet in your master bedroom where you can organize handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories in elegant style. A walk in closet is a great addition to any home…

Futuristic Modern Chairs from Italy, Contemporary Furniture Design in Avant Garde Style

modern chairs, contemporary furniture design in avant garde style

These futuristic modern chairs look impressive and unique. Creative design, beautiful materials and innovative approach design fabulous contemporary furniture pieces for modern interiors. Lushome brings two amazing, comfortable and impressive modern chairs from MastElements. The Type C is added to the modern chairs with leather seats in tribute to the racing car. Designed by Ciro Bergonzi, these beautiful contemporary furniture…

20 Unique Garden Design Ideas to Beautify Yard Landscaping

unusual yard landscaping ideas

Unique garden design ideas bring interest into creative yard landscaping. Unusual garden boarders, planters, flower beds and garden stands beautifully accentuate garden design with surprising details and colorful elements. Lushome created a great collection of spectacular garden design ideas that are inspiring and unique. Unusual garden design ideas, combined with small decorative plants, flowers and shrubs, create fabulous backyards and…

Innovative and Unique Modern Kitchens Designed with Stone, Steel, Wood, Ceramic and Plastic

modern kitchens and decorating materials for kitchen cabinets and island designs

Modern kitchens from Giulia Novars are functional, elegant and aesthetically appealing, featuring beautiful furniture design that meets the most modern trends and contemporary ideas of ergonomics. Good planning and efficient equipment bring the latest technology and kitchen design ideas into modern homes. Lushome brings a collection of modern kitchens from Giulia Novars to demonstrate the latest trends in contemporary kitchen…

Latest Trends in Home Decorating and Interior Design from Milan

modern interiors, room furniture, lighting fixtures and wall decor ideas

Latest trends in home decorating bring beautiful home furnishings, floor and wall decor ideas, interesting prints, ethnic motifs, luxurious materials and fresh color combinations. Milan 2014 shows modern interiors, home lighting fixtures and furniture design, setting the mood and demonstrating the latest trends in home decorating for 2015. Lushome shares the most spectacular, vivid and innovative design trends and interior…

Fun Food Design Ideas Making Healthy Choices More Attractive to Kids

healthy kids snacks, food pictures

Fun food design ideas help kids eat healthy snacks while enjoying creative images on their plates. Parents blog Creative Kid Snacks know how to feed their children healthy food so that they were satisfied and happy. Lushome brings their creative food design ideas that may inspire all parents with young kids. Unusual food design is interesting and amazing. Fun food…

Elegant Modern Lighting Fixtures from TRIO, Space Saving Ideas and Efficient European Designs

space saving interior design with european lights

These elegant modern lighting fixtures, table lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights and floor lamps, from TRIO, a popular German brand, are space saving and efficient, perfect for small spaces and budget decorating. Lushome shares a collection of beautiful, economical and modern home lighting fixtures to demonstrate the latest trends in attractive and eco friendly European designs. These modern lighting fixtures can…

22 Space Saving Ideas for Green Walls and Vertical Garden Design

green ideas for wall decorating with plants

Modern and eco friendly Green wall design ideas include space saving decorative vertical displays, created with outdoor and indoor plants, and vertical gardens which offer great space saving solutions for growing vegetables and edible herbs. Green wall design looks not only very attractive, but benefits human health and improve appearance of Green buildings and fences. Spectacular Green living ideas transform…

Modern Bathroom Sinks, Wall Mirrors and Bathroom Lights by Emo Design

bathroom sinks, wall mirrors and lighting fixtures

Modern bathroom design is all about stylish fixtures and bathroom furniture. Modern bathroom sinks are one of the elements that add stylish look to these functional rooms. Lushome presents unusual and elegant bathroom sinks, wall mirrors, bathroom lighting fixtures and consoles by Emo Design, Italy. These console sinks, wall mirrors and bathroom lights look gorgeous, blending contemporary and retro-modern ideas…

Quick Home Staging Tips, 10 Steps to Modern Bathroom Design and Decor

interior redesign and bathroom decorating ideas

Modern bathroom design and decor can be created with simple 10 steps and quick home staging tips. You can update your bathroom without a major renovation and spending lots of money on new bathroom decor. Lushome shares home staging tips and bathroom design inspirations for beautiful interior redesign, remodeling and decorating that will transform your functional rooms and help create…

Cozy Modern House Built with Wood and Glass in Contemporary Style

wood and glass wall design in contemporary style

This modern house design delights with warm and cozy atmosphere of beautiful home interiors created with wood and glass. The House B is a detached single story modern house with bright rooms and glass walls. Elegant and comfortable home interiors are enhanced with inciting furnishings and gorgeous views. Envisioned by ch+qs arquitectos,, the modern house is located in Berrocal,…

Modern Wallpaper with Jacquard Texture Bringing Vintage Chic into Interior Design

beautiful wallpapers for interior design and decorating with jacquard textiles

Modern wallpaper with classic patterns and jacquard texture looks royal and elegant, bringing vintage chic into interior design and decorating. Lushome shares a few home decorating ideas that blend the textured, impressive and beautiful wallpapers from Omexco into stylish rooms. The modern wallpaper designs offer fine textile wall covering alternatives, inspired by stunning French palace interior decorating ideas. These beautiful…

22 Ideas for Interior Decorating with Modern Furniture in American Style

wood furniture american style, interior decorating ideas

Traditional American furniture design is a blend of solid wood and natural colors, clean lines and comfortable shapes. Solid wood furniture in natural brown color shades, attractive and practical upholstery fabrics allow to create comfortable interior design with inviting furnishings and decor to match natural textures. Modern furniture in American style demonstrates clean lines, off white and brown color shades,…

Contemporary Lighting Design Ideas, LED Lamps by QisDesign

modern lighting fixtures, table lamps

Contemporary lighting design ideas bring innovative material combinations and unusual shapes into room decorating. Designers recycle materials, combine them with stylish colors and energy efficient LED lights, creating unique lamps that are functional, attractive and eco friendly. Lushome presents a few modern lighting design ideas from QisDesign, based in Taiwan. These contemporary lighting fixtures won a few awards, including IF…

Modern Wallpaper Combinations for Interior Decorating with Flowers and 3d Damask Patterns

modern wall decoration ideas, textured wallpaper designs

Floral wallpapers and 3d damask patterns are beautiful trends in home decorating that create fresh and stylish rooms. Interior design magazines these days demonstrate gorgeous room decorating ideas that mix floral wallpapers and 3d damask patterns with stripes or traditionally painted walls, reinventing classic wall decor and decoration patterns. Modern interior decorating with flowers and damask patterns is about the…

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